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Angela Lacy

I am Angela Lacy and I am a registered nurse prescriber and teacher. I have been delivering aesthetics procedures for over 16 years. Over recent years I have become a trainer and mentor in Aesthetics delivering training programs across the country. I have trained some of the most successful practitioners in the business. I usually keep a low profile however I feel it’s time to finally put the face to the name and introduce myself! Most of Merseyside know me as “Botox Angela”!

After a few years of training, the time has come to offer all services under one name. Aesthetics to me really is an art. It’s so important to get the result as close to the clients desire. All clients get a bespoke service to suit their needs, requirements and of course state of mind.

My medical background experience and expertise has given me the foundation to look after people. All of my clients leave feeling safe and looked after… and a little more aesthetically attractive!

Alex Alexander

Winner of Best Aesthetic in Liverpool Lifestyle Awards 2020

I am Alex Alexander and I am a registered nurse who specialises in Aesthetics. I have always been passionate about the skin. My aesthetics journey around 8 years ago…

Aesthetics to me is the sense of self perception…a individuals set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty.

Clients often ask me “what do I need”…

I always give the same answer….

You don’t need anything. Nobody needs anything. I can however help you achieve a more desired version of yourself. It’s about appreciating our own natural beauty and enhancing through subtle tweaks. The most important thing is to look after yourself and that starts with the skin. We forget the skin is the largest organ we have. Injectables are great, but I believe skincare is most important.

During consultations we will discuss options and advise appropriate treatment programmes suited to each individual considering all aspects of care including mental health.

Some clients don’t understand when i sometimes disagree with them and at times advise against certain procedures. If I feel someone Is not a good candidate for a certain treatment then I will be honest about it. I would rather pass up a treatment cost and be confident I’ve made the right decision by that individual. My goal for you is to enhance your confidence by enhancing natural beauty which is evident in my portfolio of results.

Mental health plays a major role when it comes to self confidence and self perception therefore I believe in the importance or recognising signs in clients and working together not only to be happy looking into the mirror but most importantly self acceptance. If you are considering any aesthetics treatments please contact for a 1:1 personal and professional consultation.

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